Application: Braille Printing

A B Graphic utilizes UV LED curing technology for Braille Printing

FirePower 300x20

A B Graphic International Ltd has announced a new digital printing machine for Braille. The
machine is primarily aimed at the production of pharmaceutical labels, leaflets and booklets and can also be used for any packaging
markets where Braille marking is required.

Personalisation and Flexibility
Printing Braille allows for better personalisation and flexiblity for labels and packaging. If you want to change the message frequently (i.e. change the date, name, language, etc.), all you need to do is update the computer running the line. If you use a traditional stamping method instead of printing, you will need a new pair
of wheels for each change.
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Technology: UV LED Chemistry

For efficient and effective UV curing of an ink, coating or adhesive, the formulator seeks to overlap the UV lamp output with the spectral absorption of the photoinitiator (PI). The amount of PI in a typical UV formulation is usually very small, less than 5%. PI’s typically absorb across a range of wavelengths, not a narrow band. Many existing UV formulations developed for curing with a typical
mercury arc lamp use a broad spectrum PI. While there is often some absorption within the UV LED output range, it is clear to see that much of the PI absorption range is wasted. A more efficient cure is possible with a formulation designed specifically for UV LED curing using a PI with concentrated
absorption in the UV-A range.
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Phoseon Lighting the Way: FirePower

The FirePower products are high capability water cooled system used for a wide variety of UV printing and other applications.

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