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Jan 2018

Fl400 Isometric

Phoseon sees new opportunities for UV LED

UV LED curing systems offer better performance and quality control than conventional sources, the company says. — UV LED curing technology presents numerous opportunities for wide web applications. more »

Nov 2017

Whisper Cool Fire Jet Fj200 Uv Led

Phoseon Technology develops new solutions for UV LED curing

The company says it is 100% focused on LED technology and providing rugged, high-performance products. — Phoseon’s UV LED curing products are currently being utilized in the printing, coating and adhesive industries, and the technologies are available to clients in custom configurations. more »
Fj601 Isometric

UV LED Technology Best Option for Low-Migration Printing

Phoseon Technology believes it’s just a matter of time before UV LED cured low-migration inks, coatings and adhesives are widely adopted across global markets. more »

Sep 2017

Fj100 Wood

采用 UV LED 灯进行木材固化处理 (Chinese)

目前UV LED 固化灯可以被应用于多种领域,例如电子、精密零件、磁头以及工艺品制造等,在木工行业中也同样能够发挥极大的作用—美国锋翔科技公司 more »
Fj100 Wood

锋翔科技倾力打造汽车工业与运输业应用中的LED固化技术 (Chinese)

作者: Jennifer Heathcote, 地区销售经理,锋翔科技 — 锋翔科技倾力打造汽车工业与运输业应用中的LED固化技术 more »
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