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The Growing Viability of UV LED for Automotive and Transportation Applications

While conventional UV curing through the use of microwave and arc lamps has been used in automotive and transportation production processes for decades, UV LED curing is relatively new and has not gained much traction. In other markets, however, UV LED technology is much more mainstream, as significant equipment and formulation advances enable the technology to quickly penetrate a growing range of applications. This is primarily driven by the fact that UV LED technology offers numerous performance, operating and environmental benefits and is considered an enabling technology that lends its use to curing inks, adhesives and coatings on a greater range of heat-sensitive materials while delivering overall process and quality control. As a result, the transformational nature of UV LED curing is something that should be explored and evaluated for its production use viability as automotive and transportation companies strive to meet various manufacturing challenges over the coming decade.

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UV LED Curing Shines Through

UV LED curing refers to a technique that uses energy output from the light emitting diodes (LED) in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum to treat inks, coatings, adhesives and other UV curable materials.

LED lamps provide many advantages including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness, smaller form factor, and faster on/off switching. 

포지온 테크놀로지 제품소개

FireEdge FE400 and FireLine FL400 UV LED curing light source

회사 소개
포지온 테크놀로지는 지난 2002년 UV 경화 솔루션에 LED 기술을 도입해 업계를 선도해 왔다. 포지온은 UV LED경화 분야의 세계적인 선도업체로서 특허받은 LED 기술을 통해 특수솔루션 애플리케이션용으로 견고한 고성능 제품을 공급합니다.회사는 LED 기술에100% 주력하고 전 세계 판매 및 지원 서비스를 제공합니다.

포지온의 공랭식 LED 램프는 7년 전 처음 시험을 시작할 때 방사 조도가 원래 출력의 80%이상인 정시 작업 시간으로60,000 시간을 초과했습니다.포지온의 광범위한 신뢰성 테스트에는 매우 빠른 수명 테스트, 온도 및 진동 평가가 포함되어 있어 혹독한 환경에서도제품의 견고성과 신뢰성을 보장합니다.광원은 감소된 에어 플로우, 고온 및 산업용 LED 경화 장비에 가혹한 여러가지 작업 조건하에테스트를 받습니다.

New Revenue Opportunities

LED curing technology opens the door to new revenue opportunities with more press uptime, higher yields, and the ability to print on heat-sensitive substrates, offering increased profitability for printers. Solutions offer higher print quality, faster curing speeds, and a more reliable curing process. New profit streams become available with the LED technology benefits, in addition to saving energy and eliminating replacement part costs.

The return on investment can be quite fast due to the operating savings and benefits. Users have reported saving more than $20,000 per month after adopting LED curing technology, offering significant return on investment in a short period.

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对UV LED光固化技术的误解和现实情况

在工业丝网印刷、柔版印刷、胶印生产和数字喷墨中,UV LED光固化技术已成为主要的固化方法。得益于技术开发者和油墨生产商的生产协作,一些对于UVLED光固化技术的早期担忧现在已经慢慢消失。

如果你对UV LED光固化技术是否能提高装饰印刷工艺仍有疑虑,请看下列关于UV LED固化技术的五个误区。 

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Keeping it cool with LED curing

An increasing number of printers are opting for LED curing technology regardless of the printing process used. LED curing technology opens the door to new revenue opportunities with more press uptime, less maintenance and the ability to print on films and other heat-sensitive substrates, offering increased profitability for printers and converters. The return on investment can be quite fast due to the operating savings and benefits.  

Understanding Ultraviolet LED Wavelength

UV wavelengths typically are measured in nanometers (nm).  Nanometer, a unit of length, is equal to one billionth of a meter.  UV light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have a narrow spectral output centered on a specific wavelength, +/- 15nm, with typical commercial UV LED lamps emitting at 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, or 405nm wavelengths. Read more

Movin' on: Upgrading Press Equipment & Debunking Myths

UV LED technology delivers hassle free curing on new and existing narrow web presses. The system efficiently cures inks and coatings printed on a variety of substrates, including thinner filmic materials, which can be sensitive to the higher temperatures generated by traditional mercury offerings. UV LED generates far less heat, providing greater flexibility in material selection and a consistent cure at higher speeds.

Cool Intensity: LED Curing Produces Minimal Heat

An increasing number of printers are opting for LED technology, regardless
of the printing process used. With LED's potential for eco-efficiency, cost effectiveness and productivity advantages, it is one of the most compelling technological advances in recent years and will drive future development in the printing industry.

Technical, Reliable & Beneticial: UV LED Has Impressive Endurance, Brings Advantages to Package Printing

Ultraviolet (UV) curing is a photopolymerization process that uses energy to change a liquid to a solid. Upon absorption of the UV energy, the photoinitiators produce
free radicals which initiate cross linking with binders (monomers and oligomers) in a polymerization reac­tion to cure or solidify the ink,coating or  adhesive.

LED Curing Technology for Coatings

UV LED Polymerization

LED curing solutions are utilized in the coatings industry because they offer highly reliable UV curing due to being a solid-state device. They provide deep through-cure and allow low surface temperatures that enable less expensive raw inputs.

Photoinitiators – the cure all for inks?

This article from Narrow WebTech takes a closer look at the pros and cons of conventional UV and UV-LED curing technologies.  With over 225 patents and trademarks and more than 45,000 units shipped, Phoseon believes the UV LED curing market is gaining foothold!  Phoseon products tested in our lab have surpassed 60,000 hours of on-time with minimal degradation in UV output. UV LED technology has gone mainstream in digital printing, is gaining significant adoption in screen printing, and the next to take off will be flexo.

Best Practices: Flipping the Switch on LED

Just a few years ago, UV LED curing technology was not a viable solution for most package printers and converters. Though the technology was purported to offer several benefits, including increased uptime, the ability to cure dense colors and substantial energy savings, LED compatible ink had not yet broken onto the scene.

Now that LED ink availability is of minimal concern, more converters are looking into adding this breakthrough curing method. But before switching out traditional UV arc lamps for LED, converters should be aware of exactly what to expect when making the change, and whether LED is right for them.

Adopting LED Curing Technology

LED Flexo Curing

LED curing technology has arrived. It is no longer an emerging technology, but an enabling technology− one that is bringing a host of advanced capabilities to printing.UV LED light sources are ideal for high-speed curing in narrow-web presses and other forms of printing such as screen, digital and offset, offering many benefits to printers and converters that make it an appealing option for any size operation.

פוסאון נכנסת לשוק הישראלי


"החברה קיימת מאז 2002 היא מתמחה אך ורק במנורות אולטרה סגולות להקשיית פולימרים בטכנולוגית LED בלבד. אנו לא מפתחים או מייצרים ומעולם לא עסקנו במנורות UVבטכנולוגיה אחרת כמו כספית. אנו הראשונים שפתחנו טכנולוגית ייבוש UVבעזרת LED ומאז רשמנו למעלה מ-225 פטנטים בתחום. אנו מחזיקים בכלמעלה מ-80% משוק ה-UV LED בדפוס דיגיטלי, ומתחילים להתבסס בצורה דומה בדפוס פלקסו. המפעל ומשרדיה הראשיים שוכנים בהילסבורו במחוז פורטלנד באורגון.

RadTech Hosts Successful UV LED 2015

RadTech Hosts Successful UV LED 2015

The conference opened with Jennifer Heathcote of Phoseon Technology, who discussed “Technology Trends Driving the Adoption of UV LED Curing.” Heathcote gave a general presentation on UV LED curing equipment. “LEDs are going to increase in output,” Heathcote noted. “Laboratory LED work is being done at much higher levels.”

GM Graphix Goes UV LED

Pioneers in UV LED

AN order for a six-colour EF340 MPS multisubstrate flexo press, featuring Phoseon’s UV LED drying, marks the first press in South Africa to use this type of curing. The partnership resulted from the need to meet growing demand for lower running costs and energy costs. Phoseon’s UV LED technology offers significant energy savings (above 50% the company claims) and its instant on/off capability helps to deal with South Africa’s power outages and fluctuations.

GM Graphix Purchases Third MPS Press, First flexo press in South Africa to use LED UV drying

GM Graphix MPS Phoseon

Partnering with Phoseon and their LED curing technology makes GM Graphix a pioneer in the South African market. Their partnership resulted from the need for a solution to accommodate the growing demand in South Africa for lower cost and security of energy supply, to integrate with GM Graphix’s next press acquisition from MPS. The choice for LED technology from Phoseon was made because of the significant energy savings at +50% and instant on/off capability to deal with power outages and fluctuations.

The Growing Capabilities of UV LED

The Growing Capabilities of UV LED

Now that UV LED curing has gained worldwide acceptance, converters are recognizing the increased capabilities and the real-world benefits as it opens the door to a wider variety of substrates and new applications.

UV LED curing for flexographic printing

UV LED curing for flexographic printing

UV LED curing is ideal for a variety of packaging applications, enabling end users to print on a variety of packaging materials at high speeds.

Advancements in UV LED Inks


As ink companies continue to develop formulations to optimize both UV LED curing and specific applications, users can expand the applications they offer to customers.

UV LED Integration for Narrow Web Applications

UV LED Integration

UV LED light sources are ideal for high-speed curing in narrow-web presses, offering many benefits to converters that make it an appealing option for any size operation.

UV LED Technology: Getting Started

Phoseon’s narrow web expert addresses some frequently asked questions about the emerging curing technology.

对UV LED光固化技术的误解和现实情况

对UV LED光固化技术的误解和现实情况

在工业丝网印刷、柔版印刷、胶印生产和数字喷墨中,UV LED光固化技术已成为主要的固化方法。

UV LED : From UV lamp replacement to new applications


Yole Développement interviews Phoseon to understand the dynamic of the company and what could happen in the next years for UV LED technology.

Understand the ever-changing world of UV curing

UV LED Curing Systems

As UV LED curing technology continues to gain worldwide adoption, it is important to keep in mind some of the important key features that build a robust product optimized for high performance and long lifetime.

Touchscreen Manufacturing with UV LED Curing Technology

UV LED for Touchscreen

UV LED curing technology provides a more consistent and reliable process without damaging or discoloring heat-sensitive components.

Paragon, Phoseon partner to promote UV LED technology

Paragon Inks Phoseon Partner

In a presentation entitled ‘Developments in UV – Innovative Solutions’, delivered to the African Innovations Conference, Paragon Inks and Phoseon Technology’s announced partnership.

Market Adoption of UV LED Curing Technology

UV Curing

Technological advances in LED development have been achieved in the past 10 years as Phoseon Technology discusses.

UV LED … what’s it all about?

Packaging and Print Media

First let’s get the acronyms sorted! UV is simple – most will know that it’s short for ultraviolet. But LED (light-emitting diodes) may be less well-known. Marrying the two, UV LED curing is a fast-emerging technology used to treat surfaces with monochromatic UV radiation from LEDs.

Emitting light: UV LED curing

Emitting Light UV LED Curing

Curing with UV LED is an emerging technology that is slowly gaining momentum in the flexographic print industry.

Flint Group, Phoseon Technology Work with Constantia Flexibles to Adopt LED UV

Flint Group, Phoseon Technology Work with Constantia Flexibles to Adopt LED UV

Constantia Flexibles has worked closely with Flint Group Narrow Web and Phoseon Technology since early in 2014 to implement LED UV technology onto Spear’s printing presses.

LED Finish Curing Tunnel Added at Architectural Moulding Plant

LED Finish Curing

The installation included the implementation of a drying tunnel that utilizes UV LED curing technology from Phoseon Technology.

Agfa Wins Essenscia Innovation Award for Low Migration Ink

Agfa Low Migration UV LED

Agfa has won the Essenscia Innovation Award 2014 for its low-migration UV inkjet inks. Agfa worked in close partnership with Phoseon in the development of their UV LED solutions.

Versatile, High Quality 'Cool Cure' LED Inkjet Imaging Creates New Advantages at DataPrint Initiatives

EFI Cool Cure

EFI™, a world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, today announced that DataPrint Initiatives has purchased an EFI H1625 LED wide-format printer.

Ink Mill Corporation Video

Ink Mill Video

Ink Mill Corporation is a high quality ink manufacturer for Ink Jet applications including UV LED inks.

触摸屏制造的UV LED固化

touch panel display

本文能够帮助产品制造商、机器制造商和化学制剂配方制造商了解UV LED固化的优点,以及如何在制造过程中应用UV LED进行固化。

Developments for UV LED Curing

coding and marking

Users of UV LED curing can expand their application range, achieve better quality and use less energy by working with chemistry companies and equipment developers.

The UV LED Low Migration Process

UV LED Low Migration

It is very important to point out that low migration is not about an ink, but about a process. The process includes the following: press, substrates, ink, curing, rollers/screens (in case of flexography/screen respectively), ink film thickness, color print order and max ink deposition.

Wide-format Graphics: The Advantages of UV-LED Curing

Wide-Format Graphics: The Advantages of UV-LED Curing

The wide-format printing sector is familiar by now with ultraviolet (UV) curing, which has allowed compatible inks to be instantly polymerized during the printing process, rather than rely on more traditional solvent-based inks, which must be allowed to dry and off-gas after printing.

BDT Media Automation, ITW and Phoseon to Showcase Unique Turnkey Solution

BDT Media Automation Tornado

BDT Media Automation GmbH, ITW Security and Brand Identity Group, and Phoseon Technology will be presenting a show demonstration integrating a media transport, print head, and cure device for various packaging applications.

UV LED固化技术

UV LED固化技术

在各种生产工艺中,UV LED固化正在迅速成为一种被接受的用户友好的技术

紫外LED 固化技术进展

2013 年是紫外LED 技术应用强劲增长的一年。在过去的几年,有关紫外固化技术应用的效率和效在业界一直充满争议。

Ink World Podcast with Bill Cortelyou

Ink World Podcast with Bill Cortelyou

Editor Dave Savastano and Bill Cortelyou, Phoseon Technology's president and CEO, discuss the growth of the UV LED market.

A Case for UV LED Curing

A Case for UV LED Curing

Today, UV LED lamps are improving the print quality, throughput speeds, and capabilities of devices used to print everything from bottles, labels, and backlit signs to Braille lettering.

Innovation and Flexibility

OMSO + Phoseon

Set up by two brothers, Cesare and Emore Campioli, in 1952, Italian company OMSO SpA is a global leader in the manufacturing of first-class printing machines.

UV LED Systems Cure Heat-sensitive Wood Coatings Quickly

Bürkle was able to demonstrate savings of €10,000 ($13,367 U.S.) annually per 1.4M UV LED lamp. Energy costs accounted for approximately 60% of the total savings savings.

UV LED Curing: Delivering Dramatic Process Improvements

UV LED Curing: Delivering Dramatic Process Improvements

Leading manufacturers embrace lean manufacturing methods as they strive for continuous improvements to their production processes. Ultraviolet (UV) LED curing technology improves existing manufacturing processes.