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Phoseon Technology is the world leader in providing UV LED solutions for commercial applications. Phoseon's products deliver maximum UV energy, high performance and real-world reliability for UV LED curing of adhesives, coatings and inks.

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About Phoseon
Phoseon Technology is the world leader in delivering high power, UV LED technology. Phoseon pioneered the Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM). With SLM technology, OEMs can manufacture the environmentally cleanest, coolest operating, and most efficient UV curing systems commercially available.

In the past, traditional mercury-based arc lamps have dominated the market, but now more efficient and environmentally friendly UV LED technology has emerged and is becoming a superior alternative. Phoseon is the world leader in UV LED curing and offers the most advanced, highest performing UV LED curing technology commercially available. UV LED technology is mercury-free, does not generate ozone, allows for accelerated production speeds, lower production costs and reduced energy usage compared to traditional lamps.