Movin' On: Upgrading Press Equipment & Debunking Myths

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UV LED technology delivers hassle free curing on new and existing narrow web presses. The system efficiently cures inks and coatings printed on a variety of substrates, including thinner filmic materials, which can be sensitive to the higher temperatures generated by traditional mercury offerings. UV LED generates far less heat, providing greater flexibility in material selection and a consistent cure at higher speeds. Read more »

Cool Intensity: LED Curing Produces Minimal Heat

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An increasing number of printers are opting for LED technology, regardless of the printing process used. With LED's potential for eco efficiency, cost effectiveness and productivity advantages, it is one of the most compelling technological advances in recent years and will drive future development in the printing industry. Read more »

New Revenue Opportunities

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Stacy Hoge outlines some of the benefits of working with LED curing technology — LED curing technology opens the door to new revenue opportunities with more press uptime, higher yields, and the ability to print on heat-sensitive substrates, offering increased profitability for printers. Solutions offer higher print quality, faster curing speeds, and a more reliable curing process. New profit streams become available with the LED technology benefits, in addition to saving energy and eliminating replacement part costs. Read more »

Photoinitiators – the cure all for inks?

UV vs. UV-LED — This article from Narrow WebTech takes a closer look at the pros and cons of conventional UV and UV-LED curing technologies. With over 225 patents and trademarks and more than 45,000 units shipped, Phoseon believes the UV LED curing market is gaining foothold! Phoseon products tested in our lab have surpassed 60,000 hours of on-time with minimal degradation in UV output. UV LED technology has gone mainstream in digital printing, is gaining significant adoption in screen printing, and the next to take off will be flexo. Read more »

SUNY-ESF/RadTech Webinar Series: At the Tipping Point? A Snapshot of UV LED Curing in North America

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Thursday, March 31, 2016 from 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM (EDT) — With rapid advances in both chemistry and hardware, UV LEDs are fast becoming an alternative, or even the standard method for UV curing in certain markets. At the same time, interest in UV LEDs is higher than ever, with a record number of papers addressing UV LED technology scheduled for the upcoming Radtech 2016 conference in May. This 30-minute webinar will provide a brief "snapshot" of progress of UV LEDs for curing inks, coatings and adhesives. We will examine the state of UV LED curing in various print markets (digital, screen, flexo, offset), as well as in the spot cure and industrial adhesives market and for curing UV coatings. Read more »
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