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UV LED Curing for Medical Devices

medical adhesive
UV LED curing is fast becoming an accepted, user-friendly technology in the medical device industry, as it provides good process control with higher throughput. Read more »

UV LED Curing for Industrial Printing

Fig1 Monochromatic Dist Ind Print 4 24 2012
UV-LED curing units have become more efficient in delivering higher energy to the media, driving the engineering and implementation of environmentally clean, energy efficient, and compact curing units that increase throughput and support flexibility in a variety of production environments. Read more »

On the UV LED Wavelength

Fire Power Fp300
A significant amount of effort has gone into research and development of UV LED technology, aimed at gaining greater understanding and expanding usage in the printing sector. Read more »

UV LEDs Ramp up the Quiet Side of the LED Market

Rx Fire Fly
Relative to visible LEDs, UV LEDs are a quiet market, yet recent breakthroughs in radiant power and intensity have enabled the displacement of mercury-vapor lamps in applications including UV curing and counterfeit detection. Read more »

Ubiquitous UV

Printer Models The Big Picture 2 8 2012
Details are provided on one or two of the latest UV printer models from 27 manufacturers. Read more »
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