Hillsboro LED Company Caters to the Globe

100 Led Focused
LED technology, global consumers in the niche market of UV LED curing. — ​Phoseon Technology, a Hillsboro-based company specializing in manufacturing curing products using LED technology, is targeting global consumers in their niche market. Read more »

UV LED Curing for Medical Devices

medical adhesive
UV LED curing is fast becoming an accepted, user-friendly technology in the medical device industry, as it provides good process control with higher throughput. Read more »

UV LEDs Ramp up the Quiet Side of the LED Market

Rx Fire Fly
Relative to visible LEDs, UV LEDs are a quiet market, yet recent breakthroughs in radiant power and intensity have enabled the displacement of mercury-vapor lamps in applications including UV curing and counterfeit detection. Read more »
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