It's Time to Switch on the LED

Sara Jennings looks at the benefits to be gained with LED UV curing — UV curing using LED instead of mercury arc lamps is slowly becoming mainstream. Read more »

Keep It Cool to Keep It Clean

Led Curing Process 433Px
Advantages of UV LEDs when coating heat-sensitive types of wood — Advantages of UV LEDs when coating heat-sensitive types of wood Read more »

The State of UV-LED Curing: An Investigation of Chemistry and Applications

Image 1 Wavelength Mercury Lamp Narrow Web Feb2016
Light-emitting diodes for ultraviolet-curing applications (UV-LEDs) have been commercially available for nearly 10 years. However, their unique output characteristics require newly formulated UV chemistries in order to take advantage of UV-LEDs’ many benefits. Read more »

UV LED Curing for Medical Devices

medical adhesive
UV LED curing is fast becoming an accepted, user-friendly technology in the medical device industry, as it provides good process control with higher throughput. Read more »

UV LED Curing for Industrial Printing

Fig1 Monochromatic Dist Ind Print 4 24 2012
UV-LED curing units have become more efficient in delivering higher energy to the media, driving the engineering and implementation of environmentally clean, energy efficient, and compact curing units that increase throughput and support flexibility in a variety of production environments. Read more »
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