UV LED : From UV Lamp Replacement to New Applications

UV LED applications have entered a strong growth period, with multiple companies that are shifting now from old and expensive UV lamp to compact and energy efficient UV LED. Read more »

Touchscreen Manufacturing with UV LED Curing Technology

UV curing Touch Screens
UV LED curing technology provides a more consistent and reliable process without damaging or discoloring heat-sensitive components. Read more »

Market Adoption of UV LED Curing Technology

Fl200 75 4X4
UV LED curing refers to the unique way in which adhesives, coatings and inks are dried using “energy" from UV LED light sources rather than using heat or evaporation. In the approximately ten years since UV LED curing light sources appeared in the market, there have been significant technological advances in LED efficiency and curing lamp performance. The initial challenges have been met and overcome allowing rapid technology adoption across a broad array of industries. Read more »

UV LED … what’s it all about?

Mark Andy Pro Led Packaging Mag April2015
The industry is abuzz with conversations around UV LED curing … what are the benefits, what is the return on investment, how does this technology compare to traditional mercury UV, and what steps should be taken to make the transition? Read more »

Emitting Light: UV LED Curing

Mark Andy P3 Flexo Tech 3 13 2015
Curing with UV LED is an emerging technology that is slowly gaining momentum in the flexographic print industry. Read more »
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